Coffee Shop Review: Small St. Espresso, Bristol

I enjoy a flat white and a slice of pecan pie in my first coffee shop review for the ever-delectable Bristol Bites. Guzzle it down in full here.

‘Tucked away from the bustle of St. Nick’s Market on the aptly named Small Street, you’ll find the equally aptly named Small St. Espresso. The black, white and baby blue signage simply exudes ‘cool’, with a laidback, playful logo that will have graphic designers weeping tears of typeface-induced joy into their macchiatos.

Inside, the décor is what you might call industrial-lite, all exposed wood, exposed brick, exposed pipes, while the two (fully clothed) members of staff dispense caffeinated delights from behind an elegant black-tiled counter. The vibe is minimalist and effortlessly hip. The clientele, mainly young and tastefully tattooed, drape themselves over cubic tables and seats seemingly fashioned out of old crates in a single small but perfectly formed room…’

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